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Mentor Match Program


  • To provide and facilitate clinical opportunities in internal medicine and its various subspecialties to UC Irvine medical students before their third-year clerkships
  • To create and foster mentoring relationships between internal medicine physicians and medical students.

This program spans the course of one calendar year during a medical student’s MS1 and MS2 year. Interested students are paired with a “mentor” who has already agreed to participate in the program.

It is our hope that this program allows students a chance to explore a wide variety of internal medicine specialties (as well as in health policy and research) during a year where they are primarily doing coursework and may not have opportunities to see patients and apply the concepts they are studying so hard to learn.

Before the beginning of each session (3 per calender year), students are asked to fill out a survey regarding their preferences for specialties of their choice. This allows for continual feedback that can make the program more successful.

Perhaps the single most important achievement from this program is giving our members the ability to increase communication, cooperation and connections with the medical school faculty leaders at UC Irvine.

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