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About Us

Who are we?

The Internal Medicine Interest Group (IMIG) is an organization of UC Irvine medical students operating under the leadership of co-presidents David Tehrani and Jessica Galant, under advisor Dr. Bindu Swaroop, director of the Internal Medicine Residency Program.

What are Our Goals?

First: IMIG is wholly committed to providing informational and experience-based opportunites to all School of Medicine students who are interested in internal medicine. Internal medicine, like most disciplines within the field of medicine, is continually evolving. There are many fun, interesting and rewarding sub-specialties of internal medicine. But all of these options can be very confusing, even overwhelming! Between trying to balance your school work, family, friends and extra cirricular activities, you're busy enough. By creating a community of students interested in internal medicine, wading through the waters of potential specialization options becomes much more managable through networking and centralized knowledge. This is where we can help!

Second, IMIG actively promotes internal medicine and it's subspecialties. Not everyone who may be a good fit for internal medicine or one of it's subspecialties knows it yet. We want to pique the curiosity of medical students, to compell them to consider the many opportunities that internal medicine offers. When medical students make well-informed residency decisions, future physician and their patients benefit.

Third, IMIG actively promotes communication between student members and medical school faculty. Having early guidance can greatly prepare a person for their future. And, with the fairly poor online resource pool for medical students with very specific questions, faculty mentorship is an invaluable resource.

Lastly, IMIG actively serves the medical school community and the local public. If the word "calling" at all was factored into your decision to pursue the field of medicine, you're not alone. Many of your classmates, and IMIG members, feel a sense of duty toward our fellow human beings, especially those with needs they cannot satisfy. With the skills and knowledge we are acquiring, we can make a monumental difference in the lives of many. Because together we have the power to make a difference, we choose to do so.