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About MICU Research Associates Program

The Medical Intensive Care Unit Research Associates Program provides undergraduate and post-baccalaureate UC Irvine students with the opportunity to gain exposure to critical care medicine, as well as clinical research in the MICU of an academic medical center.

The program, which is part of the Department of Medicine's Division of Pulmonary Diseases and Critical Care Medicine, was founded by Dr. Elizabeth Turner to support the research initiatives of Internal Medicine. MICU-RAP was created in spring 2011 and models the EMRAP and T-RAP programs. 

Research associates have the chance to make rounds with the MICU team, observe common procedures, learn basic bedside ultrasound and participate in didactic teaching sessions. The unique blend of first-hand clinical experience and scientific research will give MICU-RAP alumni a unique advantage in public healthcare.

While participating in MICU-RAP, research associates will have extensive opportunities to interact with patients, families, medical students and physicians regarding clinical issues and departmental research studies. As a result, research associates become comfortable with the workings of a critical care unit and gain skills in professionalism, patient communication and research methodology. Every MICU-RAP student plays a key role in the implementation and maintenance of the integrity of all research protocols within the department.

To optimize the research associate experience, students will be asked to become more involved with a chosen research project and will be closely linked with ICU faculty, pulmonary critical care fellows, residents and student researchers as a research “liaison” from the onset of the given research project. MICU-RAP utilizes the power of team work, which emphasizes the importance of communicating within the hospital setting and taking an active role in any and every aspect of the program.