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ITEQC Education Programs

The iTEQC Program provides numerous educational opportunities for participating in research at all levels — from undergraduates to medical students.

Undergraduate study

iTEQC student works on home healthcare costs project.Multiple training programs allow undergraduate students to receive course credit for time spent conducting research, to have the opportunity to conduct independent research, to apply for funding and, ultimately, to present findings at research symposia.

Opportunities include Public Health PH 198-199 and PH 194, which is a year-long course.

Public Health students enroll in PH 198 Directed Studies and PH 199 Individual Research to engage in groups (PH 198) or individual (PH 199) research, working directly with faculty on public health topics in a research laboratory or in the field.

Through a collaboration with UC Irvine's Institute for Clinical and Translational Science, funded by the National Institutes of Health, iTEQC also offers opportunities for students to enroll in PH 194 Clinical and Translational Science Preparatory Course, which trains students to work with faculty members in clinical and healthcare settings.

Graduate study

iTEQC fellow and student collaborate on uORACLE project on patients seeking cholesterol-lowering medications.Graduate students, medical students, residents and fellows work with iTEQC-affiliated faculty and receive innovative training in the use of multidisciplinary strategies for collaborative research.

Students explore existing and emerging information technologies to be used by patients, their families, providers, systems and policymakers in new ways that lead to better health outcomes and lower costs.

For more information on our educational opportunities, please contact Tracy Case at tcase@uci.edu or 949-824-0095.