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Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not answered below, email Sonha Castelli at sncastel@uci.edu.

Do I need to complete the Scholarship Question? »

Only students who would like to be considered for scholarship funding need to select the Scholarship Box and complete the Scholarship Question.  BOTH are required to be considered for scholarship funding. 

Scholarships are based on merit and financial need.

Why is the program only for young women? »

The all-female educational environment allows participants to meet other young women with similar interests, as well as female role models.

Even today, women pursuing science and medical careers face unique challenges — including implicit or explicit bias, balancing family roles, cultural expectations and lower wages.

In addition to introducing students to the healthcare field, the SHE program curriculum engages with these issues.

There are many co-educational, pre-health programs available at UC Irvine ›

Can I participate in SHE if I attended the program last year? »

Past participants are welcome to reapply, but preference will be given to students who can get the most out of the program.

Think about what will help you grow and explore, and consider applying to other programs here in Orange County and around the country.

If you are reapplying, clearly explain in your application essays what you hope to gain from participating again.

What can I do to help myself or my child get accepted into the program? »

Applicants: Proofread your essay for context and grammar. We understand that grammar mistakes happen, but spending a little extra time to make sure your answers really tell us who you are and what you care about can make all the difference.

Families: Ask your student to share what topics she wrote about or to read you her essay. Give feedback on where more detail can be added.

Is this an overnight program? »

No, the SHE Program is not an overnight program. 

The SHE Program will be offered only virtutally for 2021.