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About the iTEQC Program

At the UC Irvine School of Medicine's Department of Medicine, we have created the iTEQC program, a research program to develop innovative and personalized solutions to improving the delivery of healthcare. ITECQ is short for Program of Research in Translational Technology Enabling High Quality Care.

Technological and scientific advancements have turned the medical landscape into a complex terrain with numerous options and choices for most treatment decisions. There is rarely a single best option and outcomes of choices are often uncertain. 

The iTEQC program, envisioned as a national research center, aims to provide strategic and scientific leadership in the development of tools and web applications that can help patients, physicians and policymakers in decision-making.

Seeking solutions

The tools we seek to develop would enable decision-makers to better:

  • Understand their options
  • Understand the implications of their choices
  • Examine their personal preferences
  • Combine outcomes, probabilities and preferences to arrive at the best choice for them

Decision-makers who would benefit from iTEQC solutions include:

  • Patients and their families in
    • Making a choice of treatment
    • Making a choice of provider
    • Making a choice of insurance
  • Physicians and other clinicians in
    • Making a choice of treatment
    • Making a referral choice
  • Policy makers (at all levels) in making policy choices

Our expertise

Program members have a wealth of expertise in:

  • Analyzing big data sets (clinical, economic and policy data) to develop an evidence base, including:
    • Statistical analyses to identify outcome probabilities conditional on patient risks
    • Statistical analyses to identify supply and demand elasticities
  • Developing mobile applications designed to be used at the location where decisions are made, such as:
    • Hospital
    • Home
  • Developing decision aids tailored to the decision and the decision-maker, using principles of decision sciences
  • Ensuring that all application designs meet users’ needs and usability requirements
  • Rigorously testing all applications in clinical environments and randomized control trials
  • Maintaining a collaborative environment between patients, health providers, scientists and policy-makers
  • Providing training opportunities for students and visiting scholars
  • Improving the quality, efficiency and safety of healthcare

Program leadership

Our program leaders are:

Dana B. Mukamel, PhD
Professor, Department of Medicine's Division of General Internal Medicine and Primary Care; Program in Public Health

Dara H. Sorkin, PhD
Associate professor, Department of Medicine, Division of Basic and Clinical Immunology; Program in Public Health

Alpesh Amin, MD, MBA, MACP, SFHM
Thomas and Mary Cesario Endowed Chair and professor, Department of Medicine